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Thornhill Locksmith

Home Lockout

Theresa Gibby

I was doing some gardening at home while my little one was asleep with the door closed. Eventually my little one woke up and after searching the house for me found me outside and decided to play a little prank by locking the door after me.

I was worried sick, hoping that nothing would happen to him since I had no way of getting back into the house. Thankfully I had my phone on me so I quickly searched up local locksmiths since I had to get into my house as fast as possible.

And that’s where I discovered Local Thornhill Locksmith. I called them and their helpful support staff immediately dispatched a mobile locksmith for the emergency unlock and gave me an ETA on his arrival.

The locksmith got there on time and not a minute too late. He gave me the quoted price and after I gave my consent he opened up the locked door in a jiffy. Thankfully my little one was safe inside but I do not know what I would have done if Local Thornhill Locksmith wasn’t available.

Thornhill Locksmith

Lost car keys

My son recently turned 18 and for his birthday my wife and I decided to buy him a used 2006 Toyota Camry. We kept it at a friend’s house for about a month or so before his birthday, to keep it a secret. But unfortunately on the day of his birthday when we drove up to pick up his car we couldn’t find the keys.

Thankfully after simply searching for local locksmiths online we found that Local Thornhill Locksmith offered car key replacements. We called them and the helpful and friendly staff helped us make an appointment for the car key replacement.

The locksmith arrived on time for the appointment and was courteous throughout the whole service. His van was fully stocked with all of the tools he needed to create a replacement key for the Camry. He gave us a quote for the cost of the replacement and that was the only cost for the service. There were no hidden fees.

Thornhill Locksmith

Safe unlocking

Anne James

I had a safe installed in my house a few years ago and it was not used much. But when I wanted to look over the contents one weekend I realized that for the life of me I could not remember the combination that I used for the safe.

When I searched online for a locksmith to help me unlock the safe I came upon Local Thornhill Locksmith. When I looked at their website I saw that they offered safe unlocking services and I was overjoyed.

I gave them a quick call and a few minutes later, with help from their friendly staff I made an appointment for the next day. Their locksmith arrived on time and after quoting the service cost, I was happy to find that the service was readily affordable.

During and after the service the locksmith kept the safe, the safe contents and the surrounding areas as clean as possible and undamaged. When it was time to pay for the service the cost of the service evaluation was already included in the cost which made me happy.

Thornhill Locksmith

Motorcycle key

Recently I bought a used 2007 Honda BCR motorcycle. When I came to pick it up the owner gave me the keys, of which there was only one copy.

I knew that for me losing my keys happened too often for it to be out of the norm so I decided instead to make a second pair right away. So I searched around online and found that Local Thornhill Locksmith offered motorcycle key services and that their prices were affordable.

I called them up and their staff helped me through the process of setting up an appointment with a locksmith. At the time of the appointment the locksmith arrived and after discussing what services I wanted he offered a reasonable price quote. I agreed and he made a copy of my motorcycle key really quickly.

He explained that they get these kinds of call often and that his van comes fully equipped with all of the tools necessary to complete any service offered by Local Thornhill Locksmith, including key copying. Overall the service was fast and professional.

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